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Post by Hyruleboy on Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:14 pm

[size=76]PARTWAY DONE![/size]

This is my first post!
You can all call me the local MOTHER fanboy.

Hello all!
I am here to inform you all about my favorite series!
I will be posting major plot points, gameplay information and all that!
I will be starting with MOTHER 3!
I hope you enjoy this thread!

First of all, I would like to talk about the common misconception the Earthbound=Randomness.
Sure, some things are a little weird, but there is a lot under that image!

If you would like somewhere of a fanbase, try [url=""]STARMEN.NET![/url]


First off, the one that started it all;


MOTHER 1 starts off with Ninten in his house sitting down.(No, I DON'T know what he was doing!)
When he gets up and heads toward his door, his lamp comes alive and attacks him!
He wins and goes to his sister's(Whichever one it was) and fights her doll!(Yes, this is weird)
He wins and talks to her, she says to check the doll;he finds a music box inside!*Doo doo doo doo dooooooooo*
He goes downstairs to talk to his mother, and after a while, the phone rings!
Ninten's dad is on the other line.
He explains that the things happening are no mere poltergeist!
And talks about Ninten's phsicic(Yes, my spelling sucks) powers! He also says that he should check the basement,
but he forgot where he put the key.
Ninten goes outside and talks to his dog(Again, don't ask!) and it says he should CHECK him out.
Nintendo does so and finds a key on his collar!
He goes downstairs and finds some bread, a plastic bat, and most importantly; his Great Great Grandfathers diary!
It's pages are mostly hard to read, but one page says a cryptic message;
.... the one who lost the tail.
The forgotten one...
...the ship
that sails...

Ninten then sets out on his journey to save the world....

Next, the only one we got!
AKA; MOTHER 1 on steriods.


As I said, MOTHER 2 is like MOTHER 1 on steriods.
Earthbound is the story of Ness, the young hero from Onett, Paula, the heroine from Twoson, Jeff, the geneis[sic] from winters,
and Poo, the martial artiest from Dalaam, out to save the world from Giygas, the evil entity of a alien race who was Geige in MOTHER 1.
Their adventure span acrooss Eagleland, Froggyland, UNDER the land, and across time!


MOTHER 3 spans 8 chapters across the Nowhere Islands.
It is the story of the fight between several of the island resedents and the Pig Mask army,led by a man who when he was a boy,
worked with the embodiment of evil, Giygas.

Lucas wakes to his brother at his grandpa's front door, yelling about how Draco and his baby came over.
Lucas gets up and jump out of bed.
He is on a trip with his mother to his gradpa's, who lives in the mountounous region of the western island.
He goes downstairs to heas out the door, but is stopped by his mother, telling him he should get dressed.
He does and goes outside, and finds his brother a little bit to the east, playing with Draco(A friendly dino-like creature) and his wife and son.
Claus is ramming Draco, making him fall over on his side before he gets up and Claus asks Lucas if he wants to try.
Just then, Alec(Grandpa) apears and tells Claus that Lucas doesn't know how to dash.
"Let's pretend there's a big B button infront of us, press it for a second, and let go."
Lucas does so, and knocks Draco over!
Just then, a molecrickit appears!
"Hey, are you guys fighting? I want to fight!"
This is the first battle.
You win(Of course) and he runs away.
You hear a little 'sqiush' as your mother walks onscreen.
"Opps, I think I stepped on a molecricket, I hope it's okay... but it's time for dinner."
Alec: hey, wait for me!

After dinner, Hinawa(Mother) writes a letter to her husband, Flint.
She lets it fly away to the village, but just then, strange noises can be heard...
Then a swadow flys over with a strange anthem like song playing!


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Post by Hyruleboy on Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:14 pm

Bio/media post.

MOTHER 1 bios:

12 year old boy who's great grandfather and great grandmother were
kidnapped by Giygas's species.His GGM Maria took care of Giygas and
treated him like a child but Giygas would get angry when she sang a
lullaby.Now George on another hand stole the way of the PSI and started
researching it and it went through his bloodline and that how Ninten
has PSI powers. So Ninten on the start of his journey gets George's
diary and (most players would store it with Minnie) and his Diary opens
up a world that is like a dream, as it contains the password to there.
Ninten also has Asthma,He is a brave boy and like Ness, gets home
cooked meals from his mother and the power of recording(Saving) thanks
from his father who we see at the end of Mother 1.

very smart young boy who lives in Merrysville, he is picked on by most
of the kids in school because of his smarts and also because of his
weak psychical strength. Thanks to the janitor, Ninten finds Loid in a
garbage can on the Merryville school's roof and he asks for Ninten to
steal some bottle rockets for him from the sweet little factory to
prove he wants to be Loid's friend and does so to earn his trust and
first party member that wasn't Pippi. On a trip to Ellay, Loid gets
replaced by Bla Bla Gang leader Teddy for the time being until a moment
on Mt.Itoi which causes Loid to come in a tank to save his friends from
R7308 but accidentally hits everyone and injures Teddy which causes
Loid to come back in the Party and leaving Teddy for a grim fate,

young girl from Snowman, she is the only member that PSI as well but
there is no explanation for it, She lives a house that resembles a
Church and her family respect the Bible and his words (It is also Ana's
favorite book). Her mother was kidnapped by Giygas with a bunch of
other people because Giygas was trying to rule the world. Ninten and
Loid met her because before taking a train to Snowman, a woman finds a
hat bearing the name "Ana" and she gives it to the boys and descend on
to Snowman to find Ana and give her hat back and also she joins your
party. She loves Ninten and tells him that she does but before Ninten
can answer, R7308 attacks.

A boy who was a calm and
nice boy until a freak accident with the monsters of Mt. Itoi killed
his parents and Teddy went into a swirl of Depression and Anger. So
this once quiet and calm boy becomes the leader of his new gang called
the Bla Bla which scared the town of Ellay and no one ever fought back
until Ninten comes in and fights Teddy. Teddy joins Ninten but tells
Loid to take a rest and so Teddy travels up Mt.Itoi until R7308 Attacks
and Loid comes to rescue but hurts Teddy in the process and Ninten, Ana
and Loid leave him at the healer's house and Teddy Lives on to become a
Rockstar at the club in Ellay.


young 13 year old boy who gets awoken by meteor crashing on the tip of
North Onett and he is told by Mother to go because he will just sneak
out anyway. So with that, he goes out with his bat to check it out but
is told by his neighbor Pokey to go back home and does so. Soon a
scared Pokey comes to Ness to get his brother and this leads to Ness's
adventure with him and three others being the key to save the world. So
Ness goes on a journey to save the world while finding the other chosen
three. He also knows PSI like Paula and Poo because he have branch of
family who knew PSI. He has a very deep mind and Mani Mani tries to
destroy his mind but he overcomes it and go on to defeat Giygas and
save all of Eagleland but afterwards Picky(Pokey's brother) gives him a
message and ends with "The End...?".
Pokey worked with Giygas, and took a time machine when he escaped the final battle.

young boy who was the neighbor of the main hero of Mother 2, Ness. So
when the meteor crashed on the hill over his and Ness houses, He ran to
see it and told to go home and he tell him about it later. So Ness just
that until Pokey came knocking telling him he lost his brother and he
needs Ness's help. So they find him and go home with new visitor from
the meteor until a Starman Jr. attacked but instead of fighting, Pokey
just got scared and defended himself leaving Ness and a trying Picky to
defend themselves. So when Ness was send on his journey, He was forced
to fight the evil Pokey during his adventure like when Pokey was part
of Happy Happy or when he stole their means of transportation by means
of airplane. It looks like Pokey was dead since the airplane he stole
was in pieces in the Deep Darkness but he was plotting with Giygas the
whole time and helped him until the final battle, when he turned off
the Devil Machine and left the four against the Devil himself.

Andounts is the son of Dr. Andounts who hasn't see him since he was
three since Jeff is the same age as our Baseball capped Hero Ness. So
his father sent to the All boy School at at Winters where he met his
friend Tony. Also instead of being that shy like his counterpart Loid,
he actually was the friend to a shy boy (Tony). He has the Smarts of
Albert Einstein and instead of Finding or buying his weapons, He fixes
old and used up parts to make weapons. He got to reunite with his
father so he can go and help Ness and Paula from the Zombie filled
Threed. Also he was the only member to not be a PSI member even though
he has the brain to focus to learn PSI. Also Jeff is Tony's friend and
it looks like Tony has a man crush on Jeff and it is true because Itoi
confirmed in one of the interviews for Mother 1+2 that Tony is gay.

young who parents run the local Preschool and who works with the
children too. She is kidnapped by the Happy Happy clut by orders of the
Carpainter until Ness finds her with no key but she gives Ness the
Franklin Badge to help him defeat the Happy Happy leader. So Ness
unlocks her from her cell to join him. She calls upon Jeff when the
group got ambushed by the evil monsters of Threed and Jeff comes to
their rescue and the three defeat the threat of evil ghouls in Threed.
Everything goes smooth until Paula is kidnapped in Fourside and the
boys are left alone fighting the nightmare that is Moonside but they
defeat the Mani Mani and get Paula back. When fighting Giygas, Ness,
Paula, Jeff and Poo are near dead until Paula starts praying, hurting
Giygas then continues praying and on the nineth try, Giygas starts
feeling the ultimate pain and slowly dies. Ness returns Paula back home
for the last time and she saids goodbye to Ness and live turns normal.

Prince of Dalaam and in deep training with his Master for his journey
which he does not know of yet.So Ness and Crew eat Magic Cake and they
all start having Acid Trips but then Ness acid trips about Prince Poo
and his training and now Poo is on the highest peak of Dalaam in a deep
state is told about losing his body but he accepts it and then is told
by his master that he is ready and goes with the gang in Summers but
shortly leaves with his master in Scaraba. In the Deep Darkness, Ness,
Paula and Jeff are cornered by Master Barf until Poo comes from the
Stars with his new PSI Starstorm destroying Master Barf(Prevoisly
Master Belch). Before he and the others we're going to fight Giygas,
His Master taught him PK Starstorm Omega for his final battle with
Giygas. When Giygas is defeated, He returns back home with honor and a
great tale of bravery and power.


young 12 year old(Well, no one knows their REAL age, I think it's 13.)
boy who lives in the Tazmily village located on Nowhere island with his
twin and his parents. When he was 9, his mother sacrificed herself to
save him and his brother from a Mecha Drago but he lost his brother
when his brother got in the fight he couldn't have won against the
Mecha Drago that took his mother life but was killed in the process.
When he was 12, the Tazmily village was turned into a city of sorts
because of King P but Lucas had to go on a journey to prove his worth
and to try and move on with his life and to defeat King P and his army
with the help of the currently remembering Duster, The Part time
waitress but full time princess Kumatora and his faithful companion
Boney. He later meets the mysterious Masked Man who is a person Lucas
knew but he doesn't yet who he is. After pulling six of the needles and
a awesome peformance by DCMC, Lucas and crew fought King P on the 100th
floor of the Empire Porky buliding and defeated him but also found the
out who was the Masked man and he was his brother Claus and in the
basement, Lucas and Claus had the final battle then Claus took his
helmet off and commited Suicide by using Lucas and his Franklin badge
to reflect his lighting but did it to go with his mother. Last Lucas
pulled the final needle......

A 12 year old boy who
lives with his brother and parents in Tazmily on Nowhere Island. When
he was 9, his mother sacrificed herself to save him and his brother
from Mecha Drago and put Claus on a cycle of grief and the only thought
was revenge. So he grabbed a knife and enter a battle he couldn't win
and his fate was sealed as he was killed by the Mecha Drago but his
lifeless body was found by the Pig Army and he was reborn as a robot
for King P. He became a ravage warrior but he was confronted by Lucas
and his team many times but when King P was defeated, Claus got into a
fight with his brother who already knew it was him but slowly the voice
of his mother came to him and he started getting weaker then he took
off his helmet and give one last blow to his brother but he did it to
kill himself because he wanted to go with his mother since that was
where he belonged. So with his dying words, He said goodbye to this
world and his brother then he passed away causing his brother to pull
the final needle.

The mother to the twin wonders
Lucas and Claus and wife to the Bald Cowboy Flint. So she loved her
children very much like brushing their hair and getting them ready and
all the motherly stuff ad loved her husband very much but didn't live
the same cabin but usually talk to him by letter. One day the Pig army
were planting bombs in the forest and set off causing fire to various
cabins including Hinawa and her sons's causing them to leave but the
three we're attacked by Mecha Drago and she sacrifice herself to save
her children. Her death accidently caused Claus's death since he wanted
revenge for his mother and made Lucas doubt himself even more.

father to Twin sons Lucas and Claus and husband to the ever so loving
Hinawa. So Flint was sleeping in his cabin on the bottom of Tazmily
until Thomas awakens him telling him of a fire caused by the Pig army
and now he has to save Lighter's son Fuel from this forest fire. So he
saves Fuel but now he is worried for his own family and tries to go to
the top peak of a cliff to see his sons but he gets grim news as well,
Hinawa was killed and Flint goes into a pit of rage making him knock
out some random people and sending him to the slammer. While in jail,
His Son Claus visits him with a Knife talking about trying to revenge
for his Mother and now Flint gets out to find his son but to no avail
until when his sons we're 12 (or 13) and finds his son Claus but as a
robot but is there for his death and for Lucas to pull the final needle.

dog owned by Flint and his family and is the fourth party member in the
order but is the first recruit. Boney joined Flint for some of his
adventure but then went back home to live care free life until when
Lucas was 12 (or 13) because he was to join Lucas for this journey and
he is no average dog since he can stand on his legs and keep up with
the humans like no average dog.

Master thief and son
to a master thief Wes who really doesn't show his love that much to
Duster and he might be in his early 20's. So he assists Flint near the
end of his journey and his father sends him on a journey to the Oshoe
castle where she sees Kumatora for the first time and gets a treasure
but it was the wrong one. So his father escorted him to Oshoe Castle
one more time to the real treasure and surely they meet Kumatora this
time and she helps them until they find the real treasure but a trap
unsets sending them down but they get it no unless and get it.
Something happens to Duster and he loses his memory but one day, He got
a wig and joined the soon to be famous band DCMC as their Bass. One
day, Lucas and Boney get into Club Titaboo thanks to Kumatora and they
find Duster with the band. So after the show, Lucas went into a Rock
Paper Scissors fight to get Duster and Lucas does. So Duster left his
'fo and said goodbye to DCMC. Now they go smooth until Duster reunites
with DCMC one more time until the lights go out and now he has to go
with Lucas and the rest to the 100th floor of the Empire Porky building.

young princess of the Oshoe castle and daughter to the King and Queen
but was left behind and was raised by the Magyspy raised her as the
Princess and now in her late 10's or early 20's she has been found by
Duster. She was living off the castle but one day, Duster found her but
didn't talk to her until him and his father met her and she helped them
until a trap set and Duster was gone but she helped Wes help the little
trapped Monkey Salsa from Youkba but was ambushed by the Pig Army until
Lucas came with the calvary. She gain a job three years later as a
waitress at Club Titaboo and helped Lucas and Boney to find a clueless
Duster but before that, They we're talking about Memories of three
years ago. She help Lucas and the rest with her PSI powers while
learning some more on the way. She learned her family history about her
real Father and Mother and they left her. So she sees the DCMC
performance with Lucas and Boney until she hears the screaming voice
talking about meeting him on the 100th floor of the Empire Porky

King P./Porky:
So he stole a time machine and Dr.
Andounts to get various items and to become mighty ruler of the world!
So he formed a Pig Army to go against nature and Lucas with his means
of technology and hate. Pokey would do anything to rule even playing
God by bringing back Claus back from the dead. Pokey lead Lucas,
Kumatora, Duster, and Boney on a adventure to the Empire Porky
Buliding. He called upon the four up to the 100th floor of the EPB to
fight the last battle between this dicator. His downfall came by the
name "Absolutely Safe Capsule" since being pummeled by Lucas and crew
was so much, he went into the ASM but Dr. Andounts designed it so
everyone who went it was safe but couldn't leave it either. So Pokey
was defeated by himself but he got want he wanted, Lonelyness and power
of this world that was the Absolutely Safe Machine.


So far in the pics:



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Post by peetzaman on Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:39 pm

I heard of in an issue of nintendo power a few months back.


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Post by Stickmanman on Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:42 pm

i never heard of it.
thats cool though Very Happy

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